The wide sandy beaches and the sea of Las Terrenas, are considered among the best in the world.
The warm and windy climate guarantee a healthy and pleasant stay the whole year for the tourist or residential.

The sea of Las Terrenas is protected by a coral reef that separates it from the waves of the ocean, making it possible to swim in safe and pleasant way in a world of breathtaking blue and green colors.

The areas of Samana and Las Terrenas are so different and beautiful with different types of excursions such as Atv’s, motorcycles, bicycles, on foot, on horseback, by boat and in winter, close encounters with humpback whales.

In short, there is NOT only sea and beach.

In Las Terrenas, in addition to the typical Dominican cuisine you can enjoy with a large selection of international restaurant. Very important tourist attractions.

We have 2 supermarkets “Pola and Lindo” offering a lot of international specialty. The natural products like: fish and meat costs less than the international average, and are attracting more and more people to live in Las Terrenas.

Tourists are investing in land and building houses on the hills, where the relax and tranquility, are preferred to the chaos of the city.

Other facilities such as 24 hour electricity, paved roads, the new International Hospital, the new international airport El Cathry and the new road makes that Las Terrenas it´s more comfortable than other Caribbean places.

Our project is located in what is considered the most beautiful hills of Las Terrenas, with spectacular ocean view.

Our area has a very important tourist development and therefore guarantees a high and fast real estate and investment earning.

Currently Las Terrenas, is becoming a very popular and highly appreciated by customers from America, specially since the start of direct flights from the US and Canada to our airport EL CATEY just 25 km (16 miles) away.

How the Project was born?

The most beautiful houses always are built on hills. Bellavista Residence is on the hill.

The people who live for long periods or hollidays on the beach area certainly prefer to stay a bit outside from the tourist center and from the city, to avoid noise, transit and air pollution.

Bellavista Residence is a unique project proportionally with big common green areas and urbanized area, respecting privacy and nature.

We have 1,627,000 ft2 of total area, 453,000 ft2 of green area and 1,174,000 ft2 of retail space divided into 52 lots.

The view is a postcard. From here, the view is lost in the ‘infinite’ Atlantic Ocean; you can see the town of Nagua, Cabrera, until Portillo and the city of Las Terrenas, day and night, including the golf course (under construction).

Our hill is definitely the most beautiful, prestigious and envied in Las Terrenas. Less than 2 miles from the city center and less than 3 miles from the beautiful beaches all connected with good paved roads, offering:

  1. Total lack of air pollution and noise pollution.
  2. The milder climate, ventilated, dry and healthy, the absence of mosquitoes, the tranquility and serenity of the environment are a valuable and steady asset.
  3.  Lower maintenance costs not being in direct contact with the sea salt.
  4. The increase value of land and villas built on a hillside are constant and tested, even the recent strong global economic crisis has not been able to stop it.

Experience shows that people move from the city to live in the hills, but nobody leaves the hill to live in the city.

LT supermarkets ensure service delivery and the ability to have a wide range of international and local products are able to satisfy the most demanding palates.

A new International Hospital ensures fast and excellent service as well as international pharmacies present in LT deliver medication at home.

Modern buses connect daily Las Terrenas with the center of Santo Domingo in less than two hours.

Why Investing in Bellavista?

 Bellavista has all the individual Title of property and the GPS demarcation ready.Then mind “buy today and today do the trespass of property at your Name” this is an absolute guarantee for you.

Only by being in possession of the title of propriety and demarcation documents you can access local or international bank loans.

Current prices are still very low and affordable, ensuring a secure rapid increase value in land or the villa for the owner or investor.

Bellavista can offer you only the land or the villa finished to a high quality end at a very competitive price avoiding you the problem of design, documentation and authorization; and build supervision. We can do it for you.

Monthly condominium rate are very low because we manage ourselves the maintenance and administration proving that there is an excellent service with low cost.

Bellavista Residence is a private community, controlled by Security and surveillance cameras. It´s a very safe project.

If you want to rent your house, you must know that a villa in a private residence on the hill is much easier and profitable for rent.

Easier because the tenant feels safer, more profitable for you because rents are higher and maintenance costs are much lower.

The project is owned by an Italian businessman, is administered by an Italian, designed by an Italian architect and decorated with Italian furniture.  We hope will be a good reference for you.

The project is still directed to prestigious international clients. Currently we 5 US, 4 Swiss,1 French, 2 Italian and 3 Dominicans owners.

What is the Investment Price?

Prices for the lots start at US $ 60,000

The prices for excellent villa 200 m2 (2,045 ft2) see annex villa’s plane on master plane, with 3 rooms and 4 bathrooms, service area, a private saltwater pool (latest generation) 40 m2 (430 ft2) including Local taxes and building permits cost  200,000 US$ excluding land. The whole land with good sea view and villa consist an average of 290,000-350,000 US$ fundable up to 70% with local banks.